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Simply Kids & Candy Shoppe


  • 227 Broadway

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Wednesday - Friday 11-6Saturday & Sunday 10-4

At simply kids and candy shop we have everything you could ever need or want we have custom-made onesies for both boys and girls and we can create you you're very young we have custom-made milestone boards monthly stickers as well as customized piggy banks with all of your newborns information we have custom-made wall decor custom-made diaper cakes made to order custom candy bouquets made to order party favors and candy gifts that are premade and made to order we have to choose and dresses off things unicorn and of course candy candy candy we have candy by the pound chocolate by the pound we have three for $1.05 for one dollar we have retro and vintage candy we have candy that you've never seen off We have candy that you wouldn't believe we have a special do you dare to be gross snacks here at simply kids and candy we have everything you could imagine so don't come to the Farmington area and not check us out