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Michael Cooper Presents “Doc Cooper” Homage

Date: January 27, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: Emery Community Arts Center, UMF, Farmington, ME

Prepare to be inspired and entertained by the true-life story of "Maine's legendary large animal veterinarian," the late "Doc Cooper," which his son Michael will enact with masks and stories.

The performance will be held on January 27, 2018, at 7:30 pm in Emery Art Center on the University of Maine at Farmington campus.

Michael's stellar 35-year career of mask-making and mime has been inspired by his late father, who moved with his family across the continent from British Columbia to rural Maine to "care for sick and injured animals" -- earning love and reverence in the hearts of countless practitioners of this area's country life.

The timeless idea of the first masks worn by prehistoric hunters as well as the beauty and power of the Northwest Tribes' masks that were exposed to him by his parents led Michael to his career.

Michael learned his art of mime from the late Tony Montenaro